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Girl in a jacket The Skilled Worker program is one of the most effective immigration routes where people can immigrate based on their education, professional work experience and skills with or without a prior job offer. According to the research, immigration of skilled workers contributes way more to the Canadian economy than the immigration of non-skilled workers. Our company offers Canada Express Entry Program and Australia General Skilled Worker Program under this route. Canadian economy values the skilled workers who wish to settle permanently in Canada. Successful applicants, along with their families, can migrate to Canada via Skilled Worker Program Canada. You have many options under this program to consider to immigrate to Canada with your family, either through Federal or Provincial programs. Federal programs work through Express Entry and are classified as Federal Skilled Workers, Canadian Experienced Class, and Canadian Trade Class. A candidate can also apply to any of the PNPs once he/she plans in which province or region he/she wants to migrate. Canadian Provincial Nominee Program is designed for those who want to live and work in a specific province in Canada. Several provinces and territories have made their own skilled worker programs under the PNP, which issues certificates of a provincial nominee to the successful applicants. provinces select an applicant based on in-demand occupational lists, a prior job offer and their ties to the destination province. Australian Skilled Worker Program is known as Skill Select and is also designed to attract aspiring immigrants who have an in-demand occupation and required education and skills to make Australia their homeland.
Girl in a jacket Investors have the opportunity to get residency and citizenship of many countries by investing in the country. These investment options are usually in the investment of real estate, government bonds and private investment projects. We offer Investment & Immigration Opportunities in Canada, USA, EU – Portugal, Bulgaria, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey, Caribbean countries – Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kitts& Nevis, and Saint Lucia. You can obtain a second passport, citizenship and residency of these countries and in return, these countries benefit from the programs by attracting foreign investment in the economy. This route is often faster than the traditional way of obtaining citizenship. The investors have options to invest in the government-approved real estate, government bonds, business development, or funds for economic development. Some of these investments have returned too and can prove to be an excellent investment as they simultaneously offer another benefit of citizenship or residency. According to the differing needs of the people, there are many investor immigration programs offered by several countries. Therefore, investment sums and options vary in every investment program. Some countries provide citizenship and residency without any physical residency requirements that are ideal for businesspersons and investors to secure a second passport. And at the same time, these businesspersons and investors continue to reside in their home country. On the other hand, we also offer programs that require physical residency like the USA and Canada and access to the world’s best health, education and living standards as residents and citizens.
Girl in a jacket The entrepreneur visa program is an excellent alternative to the investor immigrant programs that require high net worth and investments. The Entrepreneur Visa program enables foreign entrepreneurs to bring innovation in Canada that more importantly can create jobs in the local economy. In return, the entrepreneurs and their families can progress economically and enjoy good quality of life. Many provinces of Canada offer PNP Entrepreneurial streams that invite capable individuals to present a business plan and get a nomination from the region. They are then required to move to Canada, start a business and fulfill the entrepreneurial conditions. It requires a candidate to have a relatively low personal net worth. Different provinces have different routes; some offer work permits initially, which lead to permanent residency once the entrepreneurial visa conditions are fulfilled while some directly offer a PR route. A candidate can become a permanent resident of Canada after meeting the minimum requirements of the Entrepreneur Visa program Canada. The eligibility requirements usually evaluate a candidate on his business management experience, age, education, language skills, total and liquid net worth (assets) and most importantly, their business concept/plan. Once the entrepreneur visa is granted, the applicant has to fulfill commitment of creating employment and living in the province. New Brunswick, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia operate these entrepreneur programs and open them periodically to accept applications. Connect to us today to evaluate your chances under the available and offered Entrepreneur Visa programs in Canada.
Girl in a jacket Express Entry system of Canada is an application management system introduced by CIC for a smooth process of management of the immigration applications. There is no chance for any discrimination as the applications are processed through an electronic system. You need to qualify for at least one of the immigration programs of Canada to be eligible to apply under the Canadian Express Entry stream. The applications in the pool are ranked based on their CRS scores, and the CIC invites applicants periodically to apply for a permanent residency visa. Once they have obtained permanent residency, they along with their can live and work freely anywhere in the country. The program chooses those candidates who have skills and abilities to help the Canadian government grow. There are further three classes that are managed by the Express Entry system: Canadian Experience; Federal Skilled, and Federal Skilled Trades. Canadian Experience Class: is for skilled workers having work experience in Canada and wanting to reside there permanently. Federal Skilled Program: is made for those skilled workers who have work experience in a foreign country and who want to shift to Canada permanently. Federal Skilled Trade: is designed for those skilled workers who look forward to becoming Canadian permanent residents being qualified as experienced traders. Book an appointment with us to understand the entire process of Express Entry Program and have expert advice for your move to Canada. Do not miss out on your opportunity for a permanent resident visa for Canada through express entry and get the details now!
Girl in a jacket The provincial nomination programs are other programs for professionals, skilled workers and entrepreneurs. Whereby the provinces of Canada invite and nominate potential immigrants, who are eligible and fulfill the requirements of the provincial governments of Canada and its territories and regions. Excluding Quebec and Nunavut, every province and territory has its PNP and has a minimum of one immigration program aligned with the federal Express Entry immigration selection system. Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, Provincial Nominee Program of British Columbia, and Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program are some of the streams under the Canadian Provincial Nominee Program. Provincial Nominees are known as ‘enhanced nominations’ that are issued under these Express Entry-aligned streams, and the candidates of Express Entry receive 600 CRS additional score. PNP has two fundamental ways for the application of specific territory or province, direct application to a province’s PNP and Express Entry system. Direct PNP application procedure lets you choose a province/territory and apply in its PNP program. The government of the province/territory then evaluates your application based on its selection system after which you will get a letter of nomination. And after receiving the nomination letter, you can apply for Canadian permanent residency to Immigration, Refugee Citizenship Canada. Under the Express Entry system, you register your profile in the Express Entry pool. After which different territories and provinces review your profile and if you meet their criteria, you are invited you to apply for nomination. Once the province approves your appointment, you get an additional 600 points in your CRS and obtain an Invitation to Apply for permanent residency.
Girl in a jacket If you have a relative in Canada, they may be able to sponsor you and your dependents to immigrate to Canada. Sponsor’s spouse/common-law partner, dependent children, adopted children, parents and grandparents qualify for the Family Class Sponsorship Program. Your sponsor must also be eligible to sponsor you and your dependents under the family class sponsorship program. They should be at least eighteen years old, citizens and permanent residents of Canada and should have sufficient financial resources to be eligible to sponsor you. There is a separate category to sponsor parents and grandparents where the sponsors should have the ability to provide their parents and grandparents financial support, and should not need governmental social assistance to do so. In considering the benefits of attaining a sponsorship visa, the sponsored individual will have all the advantages of that of a permanent resident of Canada, that is- live and work in Canada indefinitely, have access to one of the best medical facilities in the world for free and study in public educational institutions at discounted rates or for free. After three years of your residency in Canada, you can obtain its citizenship and passport. At times sponsors are ineligible to apply and sponsor anyone under the sponsorship program. These circumstances include illegal status in Canada, the conviction of any severe offence and inability to support themselves financially or an undercharged bankruptcy etc. We have years of experience in processing sponsorship applications and are aware of the matters that could arise in the process. Let the experts handle your applications and contact us now.

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