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About us

AdCan is a Canadian Immigration Agency based in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, and is widely considered one of the most well-respected immigration firms in Canada. Our team has 15+ years of combined experience in dealing with education, work, and immigration-related matters. It is a full-service organization that caters to entrepreneurs and investors, international students, candidates seeking temporary and permanent visas to Canada. At AdCan, no one is treated like a number. All qualifying applicants and clients are treated with dignity and respect by offering personalized services and one-to-one guidance for each and every case. We have the first-hand experience in various applications considering our team is full of immigrants! All the cases are handled by a licensed immigration consultant (RCIC) registered with ICCRC. We ensure the care is provided to the consultant with the highest competency level and experience depending on the type of services required. We work with immigration law firms as well and provide support to individuals that require a higher level of representation such as the Federal Court or Federal Court of Appeal. Our licensed consultants come from all over the globe which helps us in communicating in multiple languages and understanding your needs to ensure top service is provided. Visa issuance is based on the visa officers and application strength however, we do guarantee to provide exceptional services to ensure the highest chance possible for you to get legal status in Canada. Submit your information now to get a free assessment. We provide highly competitive rates for various services such as consultations, application reviews, and applications.


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